RV Trailer Stabilizer Leg Corner Steady with Winding Handle

Parameters of RV Trailer Stabilizer Leg Corner Steady with Winding Handle

This trailer stabilizer leg or RV corner steadies are mainly used in the RV industry, 2PCS are one set (including handles). The height ranges from 400 mm to 800 mm, and the bottom plate are iron and aluminum foot. The surface is zinc plated and drop-down easily. We can customize according to customers’ requirements.

Additional information



Surface Treatment

Zinc Plated






1 Sets

Delivery Time

15 Days


Shanghai Port

Details about RV Trailer Stabilizer Leg Corner Steady with Winding Handle



Made from quality materials, these well-designed corner steadies ensure that the end-user can stabilize the caravan or trailer with a minimum of effort.

The unique aluminum end knob and plastic grip make the use of the winding handle simple and comfortable.

Each batch corner steadies have been tested before shipment. The steady can be swung from the horizontal traveling position to different angles including the optimum position of vertical.

This type of corner steadies is also able to be fitted as an aftermarket product to most caravans/trailers on the Australian Market. This unique product provides the corner steady with a flat load-bearing surface, ideal for soft ground. No more carrying around pieces of wood to put under the corner steady on soft ground!

Note: Corner steadies are not designed to be used as a jack or as the means of lifting the trailer or caravan off the ground. They are designed to stabilize the trailer or caravan when stationary.

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