VMS Trailer Chassis and Frame Hot-dipped Galvanized

Parameters of VMS Trailer Chassis and Frame Hot-dipped Galvanized


1. Cooperating with top brands for years.

2. Not only manufacturing but also we provide perfect service in detail.

3. Customized according to drawings and requirements.

4. We always stand behind the products providing the solutions.

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Surface Treatment

Hot-dipped Galvanization


Steel Pallet

Delivery Time

Generally 35 Days


Shanghai/Nantong Port

Details about VMS Trailer Chassis and Frame Hot-dipped Galvanized

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Zhuoyue Metal Products Co., Ltd has built a reputation for designing and manufacturing superior quality Trailer Chassis and Frames, VMS Mast and Frames, Light Tower Frames, etc. 

Cooperating with top brands for many years, being rich experience in customized products. 

We can provide high-quality surface treatment, such as zinc plated, hot-dipped galvanization, powder coated, etc, guaranteeing strong adhesion and uniform galvanizing thickness, better than other competitors. 

Unlike our competitors, our frames are welded solid, not bolted together. 

100% galvanized finish defeats rust. This is the most effective anti-corrosion protection for steel. Unlike paint finishes, if small areas of the galvanizing are accidentally damaged during handling, the zinc “sacrifices” itself by corroding slowly over decades and electrolytically protects the steel from rusting. 

Zhuoyue means paramount.

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